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Summer fun can lead to serious injuries

On Behalf of | Jun 3, 2020 | Personal injury |

Summer is just around the corner. Although this summer will be different from others due to the recent pandemic, it will no doubt still bring its fair share of sun, fun and adventure.

However, summer can also bring something far more dangerous: personal injuries. Injuries can happen in any season, but summer has some unique injuries and accidents for which you should be on the watch.

What are the most common summer accidents and injuries?

Some of the most frequent accidents that occur in summertime include:

  • Boating accidents

Taking a boat onto one of Iowa’s many beautiful lakes is a favorite summer pastime. But accidents from boating collisions can lead to traumatic brain injury, whiplash, bone fractures and other injuries.

  • Drunk driving accidents

Summer is a time when many people overindulge in alcohol. As a result, drunk driving accidents are prevalent, especially during the Independence Day weekend.

  • Heatstroke

Spending too much time in the heat can have serious consequences. It’s no surprise that cases of heatstroke increase dramatically in the summer months.

  • Burns

Fireworks, bonfires, campfires and cookouts are common causes of burn injuries in the summer. Burns, even minor ones, can leave excruciating pain and take months to heal.

  • Food poisoning

Speaking of cookouts, food poisoning is a frequent summer malady. It usually results from food that is undercooked, improperly prepared or improperly stored.

You can often avoid accidents by using caution and remaining aware of your surroundings. Unfortunately, some injuries are unavoidable, especially if someone else is behaving recklessly or negligently.

What to do after an injury

If you have the bad fortune to suffer an injury this summer, you should know the steps to follow. Remain calm and seek medical treatment immediately. Document your injuries by taking photographs. Get the contact information of anyone else involved in the injury as well as any witnesses. Finally, consider your legal options—you may need to file a lawsuit to seek compensation for your damages.